Now’s the Time…

Are You Ready for Your Very Own Fulfilling and Profitable Lifestyle Business?

You’ve been around the block (or the world) a few times. You may have climbed the corporate ladder. You may have a kid or two (or 3 or 4). You’ve managed a household. You’ve managed your life.

Isn’t it time you created a lifestyle that encourages and combines your creativity, innovation, management, and feminine smarts?

You can do that with the help of ILB School!

ILB School teaches you how to create a sacred brand that honors who you are. It is taught through a monthly membership. Your participation in the School guides you to grow a brand that fits your lifestyle.

In the School, you’ll have access to a growing course library that covers just about every aspect of growing a brand.

And, as one of our Founding Members, you’ll help us shape what we offer.

And, the best part is…


Membership reopens at late 2017.

Hi! I’m I.Lynn Bethel, the Founder of ILB School (or ILBS).

I created ILBS to share every bit of information I’ve learned throughout my years as a branding consultant to small businesses, as an entrepreneur, as a student of marketing, and as the founder of

I founded ILB School because I’m a teacher at heart. What I do is immerse myself in a business-building topic, attain a certain level of mastery, then share the easiest steps for best results with you.

The good part about this approach is you’re spared some of the learning curve.

The ILBS’s purpose is to teach “Fempreneurs” (that’s what I call us) how to create an online presence in which we can monetize our expertise, while honoring our vision and integrity.

What courses are currently in ILBS?

Build-A-Brand Workshop

The IG Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Get Your First 10,000 Followers on Instagram


Almost every week we’ll be adding new content in sequential order on building your own sacred brand with our Build-A-Brand Workshop: Creating and Monetizing Your Brand from A to Z.

Here’s a partial list of our upcoming Masterclass webinars:

Brand Development

Squarespace Website Design

Building Your Mailing List

Course Creation

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Sales Funnels

But, we don’t just offer live Masterclasses. There’s so much more that you’ll receive as a Member…

  • A Supportive Facebook Community

  • Immediate Access to the Course Library

  • Weekly Q&As

  • Access to the Branding & Monetization Vault

ILB School is ideal for the woman who desires to build her sacred brand. onemoxiemama

Here’s what our Members are saying about our courses inside the School:

This Instagram course is excellent! The information is easy to follow and understand (even if you are a newbie)! I absolutely LOVE the assignments because, in addition to the info, you also have a blueprint to follow as well! Highly recommend!!! ~ Myia Gordon, Wiinks Lash Suites,

Lynn, I have no words to express how much ILB School is making an impact on my business. I didn’t understand IG, but implementing the things you suggested on Friday, the following happened over the weekend: I gained 31 new followers. Thank you so much! – Carolyn Akens, Holistic Health Coach,

ILB School helps you refine your gift, while sharing it, globally. And, all for only $47/month. Plus, you receive your first 14 days for $5.


Joining ILBS is, simply, a wise decision.

I look forward to seeing you inside ILB School. I welcome you with open arms and a sincere desire to witness your success!

Warmest Regards,